VaxVoIP SIP Android SDK

VaxVoIP SIP Android SDK to develop SIP based VoIP softphone, and SIP client.

VaxVoIP SIP Android SDK accelerates the development of SIP based softphone and SIP clients for Android based devices and other Hand-Held device. VOICE CHANGER SUPPORT: VaxVoIP SIP Android SDK supports Voice Changer, which works in real-time and let you sound like a robot, a chipmunk, a drunk grandpa, a teen boy or someone who just inhaled helium. DEVELOP SOFTPHONE FOR Android PHONE & HAND-HELD DEVICES : It is really easy to develop softphone for Android based devices and other Hand-Held device. DEVELOP SIP BASED INSTANT MESSENGER: One can easily add SIP based Instant Messiging and Presence feature in its VaxVoIP integrated softphone. MULTI-PARTY VOICE CONFERENCE: User can dial and receive multiple calls to start conference call. ACOUSTIC ECHO & NOISE CANCELLATION OR SUPPRESSION: In order to eliminate the acoustic feedback and produce high quality of output speech, an echo & noise canceller is introduced in the VaxVoIP SIP Android SDK. RECORD CONVERSATION INTO WAVE (.WAV) FILE: During the phone call, you will be able to record the conversation into wave (.wav) file for later play back. CALL FORWARDING: Forward an incoming call to other phone number, user name or sip account. CALL TRANSFER: Transfer a call to other phone number, user name, sip account or sip uri.

Changes: 1) Added Voice Changer. 2) Develop Softphone. 3) Develop VoIP Client.

Minimum requirements: Android 3.0 or above

Operating system: Android

Program URL:

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Special permissions

IP-TELEPHONY SDK We provide users based licensing for IP-Telephony SDK. ROYALTY-FREE LICENSING VaxVoIP provides royalty free licensing, you don't have to pay any fee or royalty to any third party software vendor inorder to redistribute your software application or web pages. NO YEARLY/MONTHLY FEE We don't charge any yearly or monthly fee. FREE PRODUCT ENHANCEMENT AND MODIFICATIONS We provide free product enhancements and modifications to our customers. FREE PRODUCT NEW VERSIONS We provide new versions of the software to our customers free of charge.


VaxVoIP Software Development Kit License Agreement This License Agreement defines the terms and conditions under which you (the Licensee) are permitted by (the Licensor) to use the VaxVoIP Software Development Kit. 1. Definitions 1.1 "Software Development Kit" shall mean and include the software programs and files needed to integrate the VaxVoIP software coomponents with a software application, including documentation, examples, include files, declarations, source code, utility programs, Library (.

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