Summer Sudoku

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The best in summer puzzle fun has arrived with Summer Sudoku! Sudoku is a fun puzzle game for all ages, and this summer theme gives it an even more exciting spin! Play in the sudoku board pool all summer long, even at work! Step up your sudoku game with all the most popular difficulties offered on this one great site - easy sudoku games, medium sudoku games, hard sudoku games, and even expert sudoku games! Sudoku is a game of logical deduction and all the puzzles in Summer Sudoku can be beaten without the need for guessing. Sudoku's basic strategy is quite simple. Place the digits 1 through 9 into each of the rows, columns, and 3x3 boxes, only once! Complete the entire puzzle to win. Summer Sudoku's game play is the best on the web. Just click a square to enter in the number via keyboard or the numbers on the side. Click the pencil to turn the numbers into note mode and make notes inside the squares. Just click the pencil again to exit out of note mode and to return to regular game

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Easy Summer Sudoku is perfect for beginner sudoku players!

Android | 1.0 | 03 September 2013


Summer Sudoku is heating up with Hard Sudoku, and this game is surely for you!

Android | 1.0 | 05 September 2013

It's burnin' hot this summer with Expert Summer Sudoku!

Android | 1.0 | 06 September 2013