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Simplex Solver develops portable applications that run directly from your web browser. We specialize in PHP and JavaScript software of high quality in their area. For example, Simplex Solver 1.0 web application makes full use of the simplex method to optimize (maximizes or minimizes) in a visual manner a linear objective function Z subject to a number of linear restrictions (first degree equalities and inequalities). PayPal Button Generator 2.0 is also a powerful button maker that creates a Buy Now or Shopping Cart button and emails an expiration download link for your digital goods. Events during the transaction are recorded chronologically in a text file through IPN. Javascript Poker 1.0 is a funny video poker game based on Jacks or Better Poker rules. Try online those great web applications!

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Make a PayPal Buy Now Button and Emails a Download Link for Your Digital Goods

Android | 2.0 | 29 April 2014