SecureBlackbox for Java

Add SSL, SSH, PKI, SFTP, PGP, PDF, XML, ZIP, EDI security to Java applications

SecureBlackbox (Java edition) is the comprehensive collection of components for network and document security. SecureBlackbox is split to several packages: SFTPBlackbox - securely transfer files and perform remote file system operations using SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) or create your own SFTP server. SSHBlackbox - access remote SSH servers using SSH protocols or build your own SSH server. FTPSBlackbox - transfer files securely using FTP (RFC 959) and FTP-over-SSL (also known as FTPS, FTP/SSL, as defined in RFC 2228) protocols or create your own FTP/FTPS server. HTTPBlackbox - access web sites via HTTP and HTTPS protocols with Gzip compression or create your own HTTP / HTTPS server or proxy. OpenPGPBlackbox - encrypt and sign files using OpenPGP algorithms and standards, generate and manage OpenPGP keys and keyrings. XMLBlackbox - encrypt, sign and timestamp XML files or generic data using XML encryption and signing standards (XMLEnc, XMLDSig and XAdES). PDFBlackbox - compress, encrypt, sign and timestamp PDF files using PDF and PAdES standards. SSLBlackbox - client and server support for SSL and TLS 1.0-1.2 protocols as well as for Datagram TLS (DTLS). MIMEBlackbox - compose and parse MIME messages with optional S/MIME or PGP/MIME. MailBlackbox - send and receive e-mail using SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols. PKIBlackbox - full scope of PKI and X.509 certificate management functions. EDIBlackbox - exchange business information via AS2 and AS3 protocols. ZIPBlackbox - compress and decompress data with strong encryption. CloudBlackbox - securely store data in cloud storages. OfficeBlackbox - encrypt or digitally sign Office documents. WebDAVBlackbox - access and manage resources using WebDAV. SAMLBlackbox - create SAML authentication clients and servers. ASiCBlackbox - sign data using European standard for Associated Signature Containers (ASiC).

Changes: * Added ECIES encryption scheme * Added Chacha20/Poly1305 encryption scheme to SSH and TLS

Minimum requirements: Java SE/EE 1.5 and later, Android 2.2 and later

Operating system: Android

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Special permissions

The evaluation version of SecureBlackbox can be freely distributed as long as the original installer is not modified and not wrapped with or bundled with additional software such toolbar installers, spyware, keyloggers and any other software, not previously approved by EldoS Corporation.


SecureBlackbox Evaluation License Agreement EldoS Corporation is willing to license SecureBlackbox to you only upon the condition that you accept all the terms of this license. 1. Definitions. This license defines and uses the following terms: 1.1. The Software - SecureBlackbox source code, binary (machine-executable) code in electronic, printed or other form that can be distributed and/or used, accompanying documentation, graphical materials including diagrams, block-schemes, logos, graphic art, sample code in electronic or printed form, batch scripts and configuration files used to use and/or distribute SecureBlackbox in parts or in whole.

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