Scorpion Solitaire Card Games

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Scorpion Solitaire brings you your favorite scorpion solitaire and spider solitaire card games. We bring quality software to the table for free with our beautiful flash games that are available for free download, and playable directly out of the browser. Spider Solitaire is a game very similar to klondike or patience solitaire--and scorpion solitaire is the child of spider solitaire. Our awesome features include a delectable game with automatic high score saving features, and assisted visuals that dark out non-playable cards to make them easier for seniors to read. If you're someone who already enjoys playing spider solitaire, you're going to absolutely love our scorpion solitaire card games!

Publisher’s software

Four Suit Scorpion Solitaire is the most difficult version of spider solitaire.

Android | 1.0 | 29 November 2010