Restaurant Software Mobile

Application project for managing restaurant table reservations.

Restaurant Scheduling Software is one very helpful source to manage your big and small food business in the most effective and efficient manner you could ever have thought of. Gone are the days when paper and pencil used to be your only partners, today technology has led way for more easier, brighter and effective ways to manage your restaurant schedules and Restaurant Scheduling Software is exactly it. Not only does the software allow scheduling management it also keeps you a step closer to your repeat customers as you can note customer preferences, any particular food allergies, birth dates and other special events, etc anything that makes your customer feel special and retain them can be done on the software. The simple and speedy operation of the software offers four distinct menu icons, Tables, Clients, Reports and Scheduler. The tables section allows noting of tables bookings along with ID# and any particular note that may be required. You can easily create and refer to appointments through this section and even make a direct phone call from the program to your clients for confirmations. The next section of clients holds all information of your customers including phone numbers, addresses and emails. The reports section offers a complete data page of earnings related to each table with the date and time of reservation and of course the earnings as well. The scheduler shows a calendar which can be browsed for every date to check on daily appointments and earnings. You can check on daily order details, appointments and can also edit any cancellations that may come along. The best way to experience the effectiveness of the restaurant Scheduling Software is to try it out as you will find it difficult to survive without it once you start using it.

Minimum requirements: iOS, Android

Operating system: Android,iPhone

Program URL:

Restaurant Software Mobile screenshot