Pitch Black Wallpaper

Set a pitch black wallpaper on your device. More battery life, less eyestrain.

Set a pitch black wallpaper on your Android smartphone or tablet. Make your device look sleek and mysterious, improve battery life, free up some valuable memory, and reduce eyestrain. Pitch Black Wallpaper is more straightforward and efficient than other black live wallpaper solutions, and beats covering your camera and taking a dark picture as wallpaper. The app is extremely easy to use: just tap a confirmation button, and get instant results. Congratulations! It's a Black Wallpaper! No ads, no Internet, and no extra permissions.

Changes: * Improved minimalist interface * Support for more Android versions

Minimum requirements: Android 2.0 and up

Operating system: Android

Program URL: http://www.tecdrop.com/pitchblackwallpaper/

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Pitch Black Wallpaper screenshot


Special permissions

The free version of Pitch Black Wallpaper can be freely distributed over the internet in an unchanged form.



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